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At River Town Aviation, LLC, we understand that flight dreams start with safety and the proper instruction. Our certified flight instructors have over 50 years of combined aviation experience and knowledge to help you achieve your aviation goals, whether you’re just starting or are looking to add to your existing skillset.

Rates Starting at $50/hour.

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Why choose River TOWN AVIATION

What You Can Expect with Our Flight Training?

When you come to River Town Aviation, LLC, for flight instruction, you can expect a few things. Above all, our commitment to your safety is utmost. Next, we will work with you to assess your existing skills and knowledge. We will develop a personalized lesson plan tailored to your needs and goals. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we tailor our instruction accordingly.

You can expect to receive both ground and in-flight instruction during your lessons. Ground instruction will cover the necessary avionics, aircraft systems, aerodynamics, meteorology, and more topics. This will give you the foundation to understand how airplanes fly. In-flight instruction will put those concepts into practice as you take the controls and experience flight firsthand.

Get the Competitive Edge

Certified Flight Instruction We Offer

Pilot Proficency Training

On-going pilot proficiency training is key to staying sharp in the cockpit and being comfortable at the yoke. We offer specialized pilot proficiency training that covers a wide variety of skills and scenarios. Our certified instructors will work with you to identify areas for improvement or review, then develop a personalized lesson plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Private Pilot Certification

Our private pilot certification program is centered around up-to-date avionics so you can stay current with the technology you’ll encounter in the air and on the ground. With both ground and in-flight instruction, you’ll be able to put your new knowledge into practice and start flying sooner than you thought possible.

Instrument Pilot Certification

Our instrument pilot certification program is designed to give you the skills and confidence to fly safely in all weather conditions. From ground instruction to mastering instrument flying, our certified flight instructors have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your aviation goals.

Commercial Pilot Certification

Achieving your commercial pilot certification is the first step to becoming a professional pilot. Our certified flight instructors have experience in both private and commercial aviation and will work with you to develop an individualized lesson plan that best fits your goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This also meant we needed to provide a learning environment run by experienced and successful coaches. 

A: No, you don’t need any prior experience in Flight Instruction. Our experienced flight instructors are here to assess where you are in your journey of becoming certified and build a flight instruction program that best suits your ambitions.

Safety is our number one priority at River Town Aviation, LLC. All our Flight Instructors are up-to-date with the latest safety guidelines and procedures. We maintain our aircraft to the highest standards, and all Flight Instructors undergo rigorous background checks.

We start with scheduling your discovery flight. In those experiences, our flight instructors will begin showing you how to control the plane and other assessments to determine the best flight training program for you and your budget.

You can Solo(fly by yourself) at 16 and get your license at 17.

The FAA requires 40 flight hours minimum. The average for most students runs about 55-65hrs.

There is no time limit to complete the training for a U.S. citizen.  We recommend flying 2-3x a week for proficiency and skill retention. Doing this, you could expect to be certificate ready in 6-8 months.


Learn to Fly in Well-Maintained Aircraft

Earn your private pilot license in our clean, well-maintained aircraft with up-to-date avionics.  Our aircraft are routinely maintained according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  Aircraft Maintenance practices and requirements.

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Continental 0-300-D 145hp @ 2700 RPM
Aspen 1000 Garmin GNC 355 IFR Rated GPS

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1973 CESNA 172M

Lycoming 0-320 150hp @ 2700 RPM

Our Flight Instruction Rates

We offer a low hourly rate of $50 for flight instruction. We also offer flexible monthly billing, so you can spread the cost of your lessons over time. And we accept all major credit cards, so you can conveniently pay for your flight training.


/ hour

Terms, Conditions & Requirements Apply. 

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Whatever your flight instruction goals are, we can tailor a flight training program to help you achieve them.
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